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A Platform for Characterization and Prediction of Novel Nano-optic Phenomena
Name: Prashant Jain
Department: Chemistry

A Scientific Approach to Redistricting Analysis
Name: Wendy Cho

Advancing the Visualization of Atmospheric Climate Datasets and Modeling Results
Name: Donald Wuebbles
Department: Atmospheric Sciences

An Implementation of Topic Modeling that Addresses Humanists' Interest in Historical Change
Name: Ted Underwood
Department: English

COLUMBUS Parallel Spin-Orbit Configuration Interaction-Education and Research
Name: Walter C. Ermler

Constant-Mean-Curvature Surfaces: Computation and Visualization
Name: John Sullivan
Department: Mathematics

CSE-Online Cyberenvironment
Name: Thanh Truong

Cyberinfrastructure for NMR Data Acquisition and Analysis
Name: Chad Rienstra
Department: Chemistry

Data Mining and Visualization of Climate and Air Quality Datasets
Name: Donald Wuebbles
Department: Atmospheric Sciences

Developing a Grid-Enabled Cyberinfrastructure for Education in Computational Chemistry
Name: Thanh Truong

Developing a High-Throughput Unsupervised Learning System for Pollen Identification
Name: Surangi W. Punyasena
Department: Plant Biology

Dynamic multi-scale modeling of virus-host coevolutionary dynamics
Name: Rachel Whitaker
Department: Microbiology

Dynamics of Catastrophic Volcanic Eruptions
Name: Susan Kieffer
Department: Geology

Dynamics of Catastrophic Volcanic Eruptions and Dusty Gas Flows in "Urban Canyons"
Name: Susan Kieffer
Department: Geology

Enhanced Climate Simulations and Earth System Modeling using High-End Computing Systems
Name: Atul Jain
Department: Atmospheric Sciences

Enhancing First-Year Chemistry Education via the Implementation of Computational Chemistry
Name: Paul Kelter
Department: Chemistry

Exploring the Frontier of Multivariate Geovisualization: Virtual Reality and Parallelization in GeoDa
Name: Luc Anselin
Department: Geography

Facilitating the Study of Prescriptive Language Behavior through Automatic Database Building and Data Extraction
Name: Douglas Kibbee
Department: French

General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics
Name: Charles F. Gammie
Department: Astronomy

Name: Shaowen Wang

IACAT: Collaboratively Exploring the Dark Universe
Name: Robert Brunner
Department: Astronomy

Identify and Quantify Factors That Influence the Formation of Scientific Collaborations
Name: Vetle Torvik

Imaging the Earth's Converging Tectonic Plates
Name: Wang-Ping Chen
Department: Geology

Name: Wayne Pitard
Department: Religious Studies

Mapping the Great Lakes: HPC Visual Analysis and Climate History, 1680-1850
Name: Robert Markley
Department: English

PPM Gas Dynamics Applications
Name: Paul Woodward

Refined Estimates of the Eastern North American Carbon Budget: Multi-Objective Model Calibration and Data Assimilation
Name: Michael Dietze
Department: Plant Biology

Subsampling Methods in Modeling of Big Data in Geosciences
Name: Ping Ma
Department: Statistics

The Development of a cyber infrastructure environment for ensemble prediction of hurricanes
Name: Mohan Ramamurthy
Department: Atmospheric Sciences

Tools for Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics and Simulation Analysis
Name: Todd Martinez
Department: Chemistry

Towards a Photosynthesis Workbench - "e-Photosynthesis"
Name: John Whitmarsh
Department: Biochemistry

Visualization and Diagnostics of Nonlinear Statistical Models
Name: Barbara Bailey
Department: Statistics