Faculty Fellowships

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A Platform for Characterization and Prediction of Novel Nano-optic Phenomena
Name: Prashant Jain
Department: Chemistry

An Implementation of Topic Modeling that Addresses Humanists' Interest in Historical Change
Name: Ted Underwood
Department: English

Developing a High-Throughput Unsupervised Learning System for Pollen Identification
Name: Surangi W. Punyasena
Department: Plant Biology

Dynamic multi-scale modeling of virus-host coevolutionary dynamics
Name: Rachel Whitaker
Department: Microbiology

Energy Efficient Sparse Solvers
Name: Luke Olson
Department: Computer Science

GPU Acceleration of a Spacetime Solver for Hyperbolic Systems
Name: Robert B. Haber
Department: Mechanical Science and Engineering

IACAT: Collaboratively Exploring the Dark Universe
Name: Robert Brunner
Department: Astronomy

Large Scale Computation of Casimir Forces for Arbitrary 3D Objects
Name: Weng Cho Chew
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mapping the Great Lakes: HPC Visual Analysis and Climate History, 1680-1850
Name: Robert Markley
Department: English

Mobile Phone Water Sensor Network for Citizen Participatory Environment Sensing
Name: Logan Liu
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Prediction of Climate Change Impacts on Flood Risk in the Greater Chicago Region
Name: Momcilo Markus
Department: Natural Resources and Enviro Sciences

Transient FEM Modeling of Strain-Induced Self-Rolled-Up Nanotube Formation Process
Name: Xiuling Li
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Visual Analytics of Bovine Nutrigenomics Datasets
Name: Juan Loor
Department: Animal Sciences