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By year: 2007-2008

Analyzing Communal Conversation
Name: Caroline Haythornthwaite
Department: Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences

Computational Identification of Transcription Networks in Embryonic Stem Cells
Name: Sheng Zhong
Department: Bioengineering

Computationally predicted protein structure resolutions
Name: Yaohang Li

CSE-Online Cyberenvironment
Name: Thanh Truong

Cyberinfrastructure for Remote Sensing Informatics
Name: Praveen Kumar
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Name: Shaowen Wang

High-performance Enterprise Computing, Business Analytics, and Decision Support Systems: Toward Petascale Business Informatics
Name: Michael Shaw
Department: Business Administration

Identify and Quantify Factors That Influence the Formation of Scientific Collaborations
Name: Vetle Torvik

Name: Wayne Pitard
Department: Religious Studies

Mass Transport Modeling of Tumor Contrast Agent Enhancement
Name: Michael Aref
Department: Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering

Multiscale/Stabilized Finite Element Methods and Large Scale Computing for the Simulation and Analysis of Clot Formation and Dissolution in Flowing Blood
Name: Arif Masud
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

mWORLDS: Cyberenvironments and Virtual Worlds
Name: Roy Campbell
Department: Computer Science

mWORLDS: Cyberenvironments and Virtual Worlds
Name: Guy Garnett
Department: School of Music

PPM Gas Dynamics Applications
Name: Paul Woodward

Promise of the Honey Bees: Comparative and Functional Genomics of Insect Genomes to Understand Cisregulatory Basis of Social Behavior
Name: Saurabh Sinha
Department: Computer Science

Simulations of Novel Biofuel Liquid Combustors
Name: Farzad Mashayek

Tools for Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics and Simulation Analysis
Name: Todd Martinez
Department: Chemistry