Faculty Fellowships

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By year: 2006-2007

A Scientific Approach to Redistricting Analysis
Name: Wendy Cho

An Ontology-Driven Model for the Efficient Use of Provenance Information
Name: Frederico Fonseca

Comparative Urban Design Changes Generated by Planning Policy in the 20th and 21st Century
Name: Lynne Dearborn
Department: Architecture

Comparative Urban Design Changes Generated by Planning Policy in the 20th and 21st Century
Name: Kevin Hinders
Department: Architecture

Computational Framework for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis
Name: Rohit Bhargava
Department: Bioengineering

Cyber Tools for Multiscale Analysis of Electrostatic NEMS
Name: N. R. Aluru
Department: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Developing a Grid-Enabled Cyberinfrastructure for Education in Computational Chemistry
Name: Thanh Truong

Dynamics of Catastrophic Volcanic Eruptions
Name: Susan Kieffer
Department: Geology

Enhancing First-Year Chemistry Education via the Implementation of Computational Chemistry
Name: Paul Kelter
Department: Chemistry

Evaluation of Critical Spatial Elements for Animal Disease Surveillance in Illinois
Name: Marilyn Ruiz
Department: Pathobiology

Grid-Computing Algorithms for Large-Scale Stochastic Games
Name: Uday V. Shanbhag
Department: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Mining Outliers and Rare Events in Data Streams
Name: Jiawei Han
Department: Computer Science

PAGFEM: Parallel Adaptive Generalized Finite Element Methods for Large Scale Fractures
Name: Carlos Armando Duarte
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Public Health Cyberenvironments: Defining Scope and Needs in the Health Service
Name: Timothy Huerta

Remote Web Service-Based 3D Medical Volume Reconstruction, Segmentation and Interrogation
Name: Kenneth Watkin
Department: Speech and Hearing Science

Spanish Civil War Print Culture
Name: Jordana Mendelson
Department: Art & Design

The Development of Point-to-Zone Pattern Learning (P2Z) for Groundwater Recharge
Name: Yu-Feng Lin
Department: Center for Groundwater Science