Faculty Fellowships

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By year: 2003-2004

Advancing the Visualization of Atmospheric Climate Datasets and Modeling Results
Name: Donald Wuebbles
Department: Atmospheric Sciences

Automating Phylogenomic Analysis of Protein Sequence Motifs
Name: H. Rex Gaskins
Department: Animal Sciences

Construction of Genetic/Proteomic Networks
Name: David Rivier
Department: Cell and Structural Biology

Exploring and Integrating the Deep Web: Building a Database of Databases
Name: Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang
Department: Computer Science

High-Throughput Computing for the Analysis of Fractured Aquifers
Name: Douglas D. Walker
Department: Ground-Water Section - Modeling

Multicultural Teaching Knowledge Repository for Educators (MuTKRE)
Name: Sharon Tettegah
Department: Curriculum and Instruction, Math, Science and Technology Division

Parallel Algorithms for Cosmological Statistics at NCSA
Name: Benjamin D. Wandelt
Department: Physics and Astronomy

The Electronic Network for Language and Culture Exchange (ENLACE): The Development of a Synchronous Communications Venue for Tandem Learning
Name: Gary Cziko
Department: Educational Psychology