Faculty Fellowships

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By year: 2002-2003

A Computational Infrastructure for Continuum Analysis of Carbon Nanotubes
Name: Yonggang Huang
Department: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Data Mining for Determinants of Infectious Disease Susceptibility
Name: Lawrence Schook
Department: Animal Sciences

Research on Computer-integrated Production Agriculture Technology
Name: Robert Hornbaker
Department: Agricultural and Consumer Economics

Research on Computer-integrated Production Agriculture Technology
Name: Qin Zhang
Department: Agricultural Engineering

Scientific Visualization and Parallel Computing Environment for Simulating Dynamic Failure of Functionally Graded Materials
Name: Glaucio Paulino
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Development of a cyber infrastructure environment for ensemble prediction of hurricanes
Name: Mohan Ramamurthy
Department: Atmospheric Sciences

Tracking Student Behavior and Knowledge Translation Utilizing Cultural Heritage Resources
Name: Brenda Trofanenko
Department: Curriculum & Instruction

Visualization and Diagnostics of Nonlinear Statistical Models
Name: Barbara Bailey
Department: Statistics