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By year: 1999-2000

A Computational Infrastructure for Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
Name: N.R. Aluru
Department: General Engineering

Development of a Medical Teleconference Facility Supporting Remote Videofluoroscopic Assessment of Patients with Dysphagia
Name: Adrienne Perlman
Department: Speech and Hearing Science

Efficient Parallelization of a Risk Management Model on the NT Supercluster
Name: Barbara Minsker
Department: Civil Engineering

Imaging the Earth's Converging Tectonic Plates
Name: Wang-Ping Chen
Department: Geology

Internet Based Visualization for Constitutive Relations in Engineering, A Generalized Learning and Development Tool
Name: Youssef Hashash
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Prototyping a Virtual SmartCity
Name: Brian Orland
Department: Landscape Architecture

Sketch Planning for Urban Development
Name: Lewis Hopkins
Department: Urban and Regional Planning

The Integration of Virtual Reality Environments and Full Body Motion Capture for the Study of Perception of Biological Motion and the Online Control of Action
Name: Les Carlton
Department: Kinesiology