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Blue Waters Campus Initiative: Center for Extreme-­scale Computation

Advanced modeling and simulation, data analysis and synthesis, and visualization capabilities provide an opportunity for breakthroughs in a broad range of research, from the traditional areas of science and engineering to emerging areas in the humanities, arts and social sciences. The Blue Waters supercomputer, capable of performing quadrillions of calculations per second, provides an unprecedented opportunity for the campus to bring the world's most advanced computing capabilities to bear on critical research challenges. The Center for Extreme-scale Computation is intended to create a community of faculty and staff who will further develop and use this extraordinary capability to address the most challenging problems in all areas of scholarship.

Blue Waters is the most powerful computer system available on a university campus, and 7 percent of its capacity is reserved for the Urbana-Champaign campus. This is equivalent to an 800+ teraflops computer system. This exceeds the computing resources available to any other U.S. university and provides Illinois with an unprecedented opportunity to advance its programs in computation-­, data-­ and visualization-­intensive research and education.